Vacha Acorus Calamus Health Benefits Uses

Vacha is one useful organic ayurvedic herb with many health benefits or uses. In English Vacha is popular with latin name Acorus Calamus of Acoraceae family. One more common English name of Vacha herb is Sweet Flag. This organic herb is known with Hindi names like Vach, Vacha mostly. This natural herb found in extent in northern India in Himachal Pradesh mostly at the height of 5000-7000 feet. Calamus leaves, root and stem contains special scented fragrances.  Vacha Acorus Calamus has many medicinal uses and used to treat many diseases. A low dosage of Calamus Vacha is sufficient for medicinal uses. There are some main health benefits or uses of Vacha Acorus Calamus in Ayurveda mentioned below:

Vacha Acorus Calamus Health Benefits Uses

  1. Calamus Root for Headache: Vacha is used to treat Headache migraine problems. Prepare the powder of dry Calamus root and make paste. Apply this paste on forehead to get relief from headache. In scary headache treatment, Calamus root powder is used with Pippali (Long Pepper) herb using Nasya or Errhine method. Check more natural headache remedies at our page.


  1. Calamus or Sweet Flag for Memory: Vacha is also one good memory enhancer. Take the small piece of Calamus sweet flag and drying in the shade. Then prepare the powder and use this powder with milk daily in morning and night by adding sugar-candy. You can use Vacha herb to treat bluntness or amentia.


  1. In Cold Cough and Sore Throat Treatment: To avoid cold, suck the pieces of Calamus. In Cough, Asthma, Hoarseness and sore throat sweet flag is very useful. Use the decoction of Tusli (Basil) leaves with Vacha to treat these diseases.


  1. Calamus for Stomach Bug Treatment: In Stomach bug treatment, Vacha herb is very useful. Prepare a decoction of 2 gm each Saunf (Fennel seed), Dhania (Coriander) and Vacha (Sweet Flag) powder. Use this decoction in Stomach bug treatment. This home remedy is also beneficial in gastric problem.


In Kids Stomach bug treatment, prepare the small pills of Vacha with Hing (Asafoetida, Ferula Foetida) and use to cure stomach bug in kids.


  1. In Piles or Hemorrhoids: Acorus Calamus organic herb is used to cure Piles or Hemorrhiods at home also.


  1. Sweet Flag for catarrhal fever: In catarrh, apply the paste of Sweet Flag Calamus on nose and in catarrhal fever use the decoction of Vacha with Adrak (Ginger) and Laung(Cloves).


    1. Acorus Calamus for Epilepsy: Acorus Calamus is used to treat Epilepsy. Take ½ gm powder daily twice a day in morning and evening with water or milk. You can also take the Nasya or Errhine of Calamus with Pippali powder.
      1. In Stomach Gas Problems: To treat stomach gas problems, prepare the paste of grind Calamus root and apply on stomach.


      1. In Kids Diarrhea Treatment: Vacha Acorus Calamus ash is used in Kids Diarrhea treatment. Mix 250 gm the half or full burnt ash of Acorus Calamus or Sweet Flag with natural honey and lick to cure kids Diarrhea.


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