Swarna Bhasma Gold Health Benefits

Gold Sona/Swarna Benefits in Ayurveda:-

Gold has many health benefits and great significance in Ayurveda. Gold is popular with Hindi name Sona/Swarn and Sanskrit name – Swranam. Gold is the one best and expensive metal. Ancient Indian Veda,Rigveda mention Swarn/Gold uses and health benefits. In Charak Samhita (Codex), Charak said that that the people who ate Gold (Swarna) have no effect of venom on their body. In all era, people wearing the gold ornaments and eat food in gold made pots. Gold scientific specifications: English name – Aurum (Au), Atomic number 80, m.p. (melting point)- 1065°C, b.p. (boiling point)- 2530°C, Hardness- 2.5-3 and Specific gravity- 19.42. Gold is of saffron and red colour metal that has no environment side effects. Pure gold is of red color on heating, white color on cutting and saffron (Kumkum) color on rubbing.Gold has many medicinal uses and also used in gold coating on pots and painting. Before medical use the gold purification is necessary.

Gold Purification: Ayurvedic material Oil, Takra, GoMutra, Kulth Kwath and Kanji are used for gold purification. First prepare the gold (swarn) small pieces and then heat. Heat and dip into oil then again and again for 7 times. Apply this procedure with all ayurvedic materials mentioned above to purify gold.

Swarna Bhasma
In Ayurveda, Gold Ash (Swarna Bhasma/Gold Bhasma) has many health benefits. Pure Swarna Bhasma prepared using ayurvedic methods. To examine pure Swarna Bhasma you can do a home test. Swarna Bhasma floating on water and sinking down in hands lines.

Gold Swarna Bhasma:-

Swarna Bhasma is used in treatment of Heart diseases, Breathing, Cough, Tuberculosis, Jaundice, Sexual Weakness, Infertility, Epilepsy and other mental disorders. Swarna/Gold is of Rejuvenating properties that enhance immunity and uses to treat men sexual disorders like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction etc. Gold is one best brain tonic and boost memory and intelligence power.