Strawberry Banana Smoothie Nutrition

Strawberry banana smoothies are a cold, sweet beverage typically made by blending together strawberries, bananas, plain or vanilla-flavored low-fat yogurt and ice cubes. Recipes for this treat vary, however, and sometimes include milk or heavy cream and other ingredients. Using other ingredients may increase fat and calories, as well as impact the degree of creaminess and thickness.

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1.The fruit in a strawberry banana smoothie provides a range of nutritional benefits. Bananas supply fiber, which protects bowel health and helps regulate digestion.

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2.The amount of potassium in bananas also make them a good fruit to eat to decrease your risk of kidney stones.


3.Strawberries promote good eyesight and decrease symptoms of arthritis, thanks to the high volume of antioxidants.

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4.This fruit also contains folate — this makes strawberry banana smoothies a must for pregnant women, as folate helps ward off birth defects of the spine.