Spider Web Uses

Spider Web Uses:-

Spider web or net has many health benefits in Ayurveda. As per name suggested Spider web is the net created by Spider. Spider is known as Loota in Sanskrit, Makdi in Hindiand spider web called Makdi Ka Jaala in Hindi. Spider is a one type of insect or animal and has three spinnerets on his back extremities. On the time of devouring or hunting, spiders excrete fine thread and create a net to trap a hunt. There are many Spider Web uses for medicinal purposes to treat diseases. You must use this natural substance to treat diseases or disorders.

Spider Web Uses or Health Benefits

      1. In Internal Fever, spider web is very useful. Mix spider web 1 ratti, some baking powder and jaggery (Gud in Hindi) 35-40 gm. Use this mixture to treat fever.
      2. Spider web is also used as an Antidote. Antidotal paste of spider web is used to treat bite of Monkey, Dogs etc.
      3. In bleeding, spider web is very useful. Use spider web on bleeding spot to stop blood and it also heals the wounds or ulcers.
      4. Spider web is also used to cure adventitious ulcers or wounds.
      5. Spider web contains Anthelminthic properties. In case of worms in animal’s ulcers or wounds, Spider web is used with bread or Chupatty for 4-5 days. This remedy helps to kill worms and healing the wounds.
      6. In Ague / VISHAMA JVAR, spider web is used with jaggery to treat this disease.


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