Snake Bite Treatment

Treatment for Snake Bite

In ayurvedic home remedies, there is some basic and quick snake bite treatment that we can implement as a first ad to secure the life. Snake bite sometimes very harmful and cause to death. It is depends upon the snake. Some snake has a strong poison and causes immediate death after bite. Snakes are present entire the world with thousands of different species and known as a dangerous creature. A quick and emergency first aid is very necessary insnake bite treatment.

Snake Bite Treatment

In absence of quick medical help use these Ayurvedic home remedies:
1. In Snake bite treatment, on the place of bite with a sharp instrument to make a deep cut and took away the poison mixed blood from the body. Then apply Potassium paramagnet powder on the cut place.
2. In old ages, sucking of poison is used as a quick snake bite treatment but this is harmful for sucker. Only a few experts in Hilly areas now used this technique to remove snake poison.
3. After removing snake poison, tightly wrapped the body part, 5-8 inches above the snake bite position with a cloth or a rope like material. This will helps to spread the poison in the entire body with blood.
4. To reduce the effects of poison use the mixture of 30 gram onion juice and 30 gram mustard oil. Use this juice mixture after every 30 minutes to reduce effect of poison. For oral use only.
5. Powder of Tulsi (Holy basil, Ocimum sanctum) root also applied on the snake bite space to reduce effect of venom.
6. Also use Desi Ghee / clarified butter and Fitkari / Alumen powder to reduce effect of poison. In approximately 50 gram of Desi Ghee mix 2-3 gram fitkari powder to apply on place of snake bite.

7. To get recover soon from snake bite, avoid salt in your food for the time you will completely recovered. Also use Nirgundi (Vitex Negundo) green leaves to secure your snake bite site from infection. Always keep in your one hand Twigs of Nirgundi herb to beware from skin infection at bite place.

8. In snakebite treatment, Peepal tree (Ficus religiosa) is also usable. Take the 40-50 leaves of Peepal and put these Peepal leaves one by one into both ears. Put these leaves from stick side for sometime to reduce venom effect. Peepal leaves absorb the poison and dig these leaves into soil.

With primary snake bite treatment, also get the information about snake to get a proper medical help as per snake poison effect. This is only primary snake bite treatment and after this emergency snakebite treatment, a proper medication is necessary from health professionals. Also take care of patient and do not get nervous, only a few snake has deadly poison. Be patience and get proper medication help for fast recovery.

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