Scorpion Bite Treatment

Scorpion Bite Cure:-

In Ayurvedic home remedies, we provide you primaryScorpion Bite Treatment as an emergency first aid. A scorpion poison is more dangerous and a strong Scorpion bite causes death also without proper treatment. Generaly Scorpion Bite causes a reddish and swelled skin with a huge pain on bite place.  The little children’s are more affected from Scorpion Bite as from elders.

*A fast quick Scorpion Bite Treatment is: Take 4-5 matchbox stick and collect their head material flammable nontoxic red phosphorus and mix with water. Use this on Scorpion Bite place to reduce poison effect.

*Like Snake Bite Treatment, use a sharp instrument to make a deep cut and remove Scorpion Bite from the body and tightly wrapped with a cloth above 5-7 inches above from the bite location. .To reduce scorpion bite poison mix onion juice with Nausadar (Ammonium Chloride) and apply on the bite place.

Dettol Antiseptic Liquid:-

*Take a Tamarind seed and warm a little then rub this seed until shows his white portion of middle. Then fix this white portion side of the seed on the Scorpion Bite location.

*You can also use the leaves of peppermint / Pudina to reduce effect of Scorpion Bite. You can directly eat these peppermint leaves.

These are some primary Ayurveda home remedies for Scorpion Bite Treatment. Scorpion Bite mainly not treated with medical treatment but in case of any skin problem or other abnormality due to Scorpion Bite then take advice from a healthcare (2)