Nocturnal Enuresis – Common Children Disorder

Nocturnal enuresis is a sleep and urinary disorder in which patients make pee in bed (bed-wetting) when sleeping. This disorder is more common in children and some time many young people also affected by this disorder. This urinary disorder is inability, infrequent urine problem cause due mainly kidney, liver andurinary tract problems. The people who consume more alcohol and diabetes patients also suffered with urinary problems. Ayurveda suggest some basic ayurvedic home remedies to cure Nocturnal enuresis. These are as below:

1 Daily eat one or two pieces of Chuhara (Raisins) to cure this child disorder.

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2 If you have suffer with urine inability problems or frequently urine problems then use this home remedies. Take 6 gram Kalmishora (Potassium Nitrate), ½ Kg cow milk and mix with 2 approximately 2 kg water. It will cure your urinary disorder and helps in proper urinating.


3 Boil some Haldi (Turmric) powder in water. Use this mixture after cooling to avoid infrequent urine problems. Use this ayurvedic home remedy for regular one week.

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4 Prepare the powder of dry pip of Jamun (Syzygium cumini) and use daily twice a day, in morning and evening one spoonful with cold water. It is very useful in nocturnal enuresis treatment.

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