Night Blindness | Vision Impairment Treatment

Night Blindness

Night blindness is an eye disease in which patient is unable to see in dim light in the night. In case of Night blindness, is one type of vision impairment that cause trouble in seeing in dim night. Dim vision is main symptom of this disease. In ophthalmology, the complete medicine science of eye care provides you full information about eyes disease and disorders with their treatment. There are some common home remedies for Night blindness that are used in Night blindness treatment. Ayurveda suggest following home remedies for Night blindness and some basic treatment for improve eyesight as below:

Night Blindness

1 Use daily tomato extract in morning and evening in Night blindness treatment.

2 Fill the tub with cold water and dip your face in water and open the eyes to improve eyesight.

3 Take 10 gm leaves of bilva (Aegle marmelos), 6 Kali Mirch (Peppercorns) and 25 gram sugar. Grind all these with water and use daily twice in morning and in evening inNight-blindness treatment.

Vision impairment

Vision impairment is a common disorder of eye. Poor vision is known as vision impairment. Most commonly used home remedies for vision impairment are stated as below:

Vision impairment

1 Mix the equal amount of powder of Elachi (Cardamom) seeds and loaf-sugar with Castor oil. Daily use 4 gram for regular 40 days to improve eyesight. It is very effective in vision impairment.

2 Mix some Kali Mirch (Peppercorns) and saindhava namak (rock salt) in orange extract and use daily in morning. This will improve eyesight.

3 Take Sahenjana (Moringa Oleifera) extract and natural honey in equal amount. Use as soot everyday in eyes in vision impairment.

4 In morning daily take a walk on green grass when dew drops are present to improve eyesight.

5 Eat fish, milk and other protein rich products.

6 Green pulse (Moong Dal) is rich with carbohydrate, protein and fibers. To improve eyesight use this natural pulse food.

Use these eye care natural ayurvedic remedies and keep your eyes healthy to enjoy the beauty of world.

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