Natural Treatment of Breast Cancer

Statistics relating to breast cancer patients

The worldwide estimates of breast cancer patients were around 1.5 million people in the year-2010. The countries topping the list related with breast cancer are the United States and the United Kingdom thereby making these countries high on the priority of breast cancer awareness.

Statistics reveal that in the United States there are about 527 new cases of breast cancer every day out of which 110 deaths take place every day due to breast cancer. In the case of United Kingdom, the ratio is 125:35 that is 125 new cases of breast cancer per day and 35 deaths per day resulting from breast cancer. (Source:

Natural remedies for Breast Cancer treatment

People diagnosed with breast cancer can look for treatment of breast cancer through natural means in addition to continuing with the conventional modes of treatment. There exists holistic and natural treatment of breast cancer options.

Holistic or holism treatment is a type of alternative treatment that is based on the basic principle, which says that the human body is capable of treating itself by addressing the below mentioned factors that are known to cause disease in the human body and these are:

  1. The Emotional/Mental factors,
  2. The Energetic/Spiritual factors and
  3. The Physical factors– The physical factors are those that are due to lack of nutrients, toxicity and other factors that interfere with the natural self-healing techniques or process of the human body.

Natural Treatment for breast cancer


The treatment of breast by natural means implies going back to nature and detoxifying the body of harmful chemicals within the body or protection from the existing harmful environment.

  1. The most common formulae for preventing or at least reducing the impact of breast cancercan be had by following the below mentioned home remedies and these are:
  2. Through Food/Diet: You should include in your food the following food products and these are:
    • Garlic, wheat grass, broccoli, green tea, soya beans
    • Food rich in Vitamin- D found in Milk, eggs, cod liver oil, but avoid yogurt and cheese, grapes, Lignans that are present in the seeds of peanuts, cashews, and strawberries, sunflower must be included in the diet.
    • Avoiding harmful diet is the best remedy for prevention of breast cancer and can be said to be equivalent of treating breast cancer naturally. These foods include red meat, pork, food that contain high amount of saturated fats, hot dogs, some type of fast foods.
  3. Some herbs that can reduce risk of breast cancer: The other aspect of treatment of breast cancer naturally is the use of natural herbs that are known to contain natural biological compounds. For example, taking supplements of Black Cohosh root can reduce the risk of breast cancer by about sixty percent. Some herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine are also known to prevent or treat the breast cancer naturally.

    These herbs include Persicae Semen, Curcuma Zedoraria, American Ginseng, Long Kui (Solanum) etc. The treatment with herbs and plants is known as phytotherapy. The main aspect of phytotherapy involves the treatment of breast cancer naturally through plants and herbs that increase the immunity of the body, reducing the impact of side effects due to conventional allopathic treatment and thereby mitigating the symptoms of this disease.

  4. Change of lifestyle: Another important method involved in the treatment of breast cancer in a natural way is to undergo a remarkable change in the way the concerned patient with breast cancer lives. The patient should try to lead a healthier life by abandoning or shifting those activities that are responsible for the spread of this disease or those activities that play an important role in the appearance of breast cancer.
    • These activities include:
    • Giving up toxic substances such as consumption of alcohol, coffee, and medicines without prescription is an important aspect towards the treatment of breast cancer naturally.
    • Reducing stress factors that is responsible for the origin of free radicals. Practicing meditation, yoga, doing physical exercises and other stress reducing activities do help in the prevention of breast cancer naturally.

Exercises that help in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer

Exercises do play an important role in the prevention or lessening the affects of breast cancer and these exercises are:

  • Moderate intensity exercises such as walking, yoga, leisure games such as badminton, house-cleaning activities, activities relating to occupation do help in maintain a healthy weight which is an important factor in prevention of breast cancer.
  • Vigorous intensity exercises includes the doing jogging, running, mountain climbing, playing basket ball, cycling etc.

Before doing these exercises or implementing the procedures mentioned in this article, it is duly recommended to consult your physician or health care professional.

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