Home Remedies for Pink Eye

For the treatment of Pink Eye, first of all it is necessary to identify the root cause of it. In case of bacterial infections numerous eye drops and ointments are available that help to give relief. Moreover, these ointments help to reduce the effect of blurred vision. In order to control the recurrence of infections, doctors recommend the complete course of antibiotics.

In contrast to this viral infections take time to recover. For this numerous antiviral medications are available that prevent you from severe and serious conditions.

For allergic reactions, eye drops are available in form of OTC medication that lessens down the redness in the eyes. Plus you can also take antihistamines and cell stabilizers to control the inflammatory effect.

Along with these medications, some of the common home remedies for pink eye are very helpful including:

  • Sprinkle your eyes with cold water or compress your eyes with soaked clean linen cloth in cold water. It is very effective in reducing the risk of redness.

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  • Artificial tears drops are available that are effective for allergic reactions

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  • In case of conjunctivitis, stop wearing contact lenses till the time your eyes get normal and feel better.

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