Home Remedies for Heart Blockage

Heart blockage is a medical condition in which electric signals cannot travel through the pre-designed pathways to reach the ventricles. Slow and irregular heartbeat, breathlessness, dizziness, weakness, fatigue and in severe cases heart failure are the symptoms associated with this health issue. Blood pressure tests and blood pressure monitors can be used to diagnose it. Ayurvedic medicine for heart blockage best treats the health issue in question. It is an intelligent idea not to swallow chemical based medicines for curing and preventing it.

Easy Ayurvedic Treatment for Heart Blockage


A few promising home remedies for heart blockage which will help readers get a fair idea on how to remove blockage in heart naturally are listed below-:

  1.    Take 50 ml or 1 cup of lemon juice, ginger juice, garlic juice, coconut vinegar or apple vinegar each and mix    this. Do not add water to increase the juice quantity. Keep the mixed juice on a low flame. After the mixture is  reduced to 3 cups from 4, keep it at room temperature to cool. Add 3 cups of honey. After this keep it in glass  bottle. Every morning take 1 tablespoon from this on an empty stomach and do not eat anything for next 15-20  minutes. This is a time-tested herbal medicine for heart blockage.
  1.  Bark of Arjun Tree can be taken to reduce and cure symptoms of heart blockage. Boil the bark of the tree in  required amounts in water and after boiling it hard for some time, drink it when it is lukewarm. Strain the  residue and collect the liquid. Powder of Arjun tree bark can also be taken.
  1.  Consuming flax seeds 2-3 teaspoon in breakfast along with cereals, or including flaxseed oil in diet can be very   good for heart. Linseed oil and extra virgin olive oil too are very rich in omega3, Garlic, whole wheat bread,  Peanut butter, Bran, Chicken, Salmon, Spinach, Broccoli will help too.
  1.  A Hawthorn infusion can be prepared adding 2 tsp of this to a cup of boiling water and steeped for 20 minutes    in low flame. Up to two cups of this mixture can be consumed daily for effective results.
  1.     Cayenne Pepper is known to control the disease. Just remove the seeds from the pepper. Take its supplement      or include it in your diet in moderate amounts.

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