Home Remedies for Face Lift

It is common myth that surgery is the one and only solution for face lift. You just need to turn towards home remedies for Face Lift and natural treatments and you can prevent and treat face lift.

Face Lift Remedies

  • Applying honey and mixture of several fruit can be very good treatment for face lift. Take raw organic honey and apply it on face then apply mixture of apple, strawberries, pear and grapes over the honey layer. Leave it for 20 minutes then remove with water.

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  • Prepare a mixture of mashed banana and cream and apply this paste on the face for several minutes. Wipe with soft cloth or rinse with Luke Warm water.

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  • Whisk two eggs finely and add 1 tablespoon sugar powder to make a paste. Now apply sugar and egg paste on face and leave for 15 minutes. Wash with warm water. Daily application of this remedy can let you prevent and treat face lift.

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