Home Remedies for Eczema

Eczema is the skin disease that has irritating and inflammatory effect on the skin. It is the chronic disease which is caused in the reaction of long duration fever, flu or asthma. It appears in the joint region like on the arms or under the knees. It normally occurs due to malfunctioning of the human body or weakens immune system. It is severe skin disease that makes your skin tender and hard.

Eczema Causes:

There is no clear reason of eczema rather it is the combination of many diseases. It is the reaction of any disease or medicines as well.

  • weak immune system
  • stress and depression
  • emotional disorders
  • side effect of high fever and asthma

Eczema Symptoms:

  • Reddish or brownish patches on the skin
  • Irritation
  • Itchiness
  • raised bumps
  • blisters and have some fluid in it
  • have crust after scratching the blisters
  • cracked skin
  • very sensitive to scratching
  • In most of medicines, corticosteroid is present that not only relieving itchiness but also effective in easing the scaling. This will level down the coloration of skin as well as remove the marks from the skin.
  • these corticosteroids are also available in form of oral medications but its regular intake may have numerous side effects in form of weaken bone muscles, lower down the resistant power to infections, get your skin thin, high blood pressure
  • Along with that antibiotics are recommended in case of bacterial infections on the skin. this will prevent you from recurrent infections
  • Antihistamines are very helpful for those who have this skin reaction in return of asthma. These medications have sleepy feeling.
  • Doctors also recommend wet dressing in form of mild astringent in order to prevent infection
  • As this is mainly caused due to weak immune system. Do, doctors recommend to regularly take immunomodulators. These are some of the dietary supplements that not only strengthen the human body but also make your immune system strong to fight against diseases and germs.
  • In case of photo therapy like the treatment of cancer can increased the risk of eczema. Similarly excess exposure to radiations will also result in skin infections.