Home Remedies For Earache

Earache Home Remedies

In ear ache treatment we recommend some effectiveHome Remedies for Earache to relieve ear ache problems. Ear ache is the problem of all aged peoples sometime people suffered a lot from this problem. In this ear ache problem sometime patient unable to sleep whole night.

Home Remedies For Earache

1 Warm Mulethi / Madhu yashti / Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) in pure desi ghee (clarified butter) and apply near to ear surroungs to relieve ears.

2 Warm lahsun (garlic) extract in Til (Sesame seed) oil and use daily 4 drops in ache ear to get relive in ear ache problems.

3 Get the extract of banana stem and caste extract in ear to get relieve as ear ache treatment.

4 In Home Remedies for Earache garlic also used. Cook Lahsun (Garlic) in mustard oil and filter. Drops 2-3 drops in ear to get relieve from ear ache problems.

5 Take the extract of green leaves of mango and warm a little. Daily use 2-3 drops to get rid of ear ache problems.

6 In earache Holi Basil (Tulsi) is also very beneficial. Take the extract of 7-8 holy Basil leaves with 1 strip of Lahsun (Garlic) and pour 3-4 drops of warm extract in ear twice or thrice time for some days to get relief.

These are 6 best natural ayurvedic home remedies for earache that relieve in ear ache treatment.

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