Home remedies for Ear Infection

Home remedies for ear infection.


  1. Make some warm onion juice and put two to three drops of it in each of the ear. This is a simple yet effective home remedy to cure ear infection.
  2. An effective home remedy for curing ear infection is putting some drop of hydrogen peroxide in the ear for ten minutes.
  3. Putting mustard oil into the ears also prevents ear infection. This is a good home remedy to cure ear infection.
  4. Heat a cup of salt for 2-3 minutes in a microwave and then fill it in a small bag of cotton or socks and then place the bag or socks close to the infected ear. This is one of the best home remedies as it reduces pain as well as swelling caused due to ear infection.
  5. Make a mixture of 1 tsp of almond carrier oil, two drops of lavender oil, three drops of tea tree and two drops of chamomile oil and warm it and then put some drops of it into the infected ear three times a day and see the difference.
  6. Put 1-2 drops of olive oil in the ear. This will help cure the infection as well as reduce the irritation caused in the ear
  7. Take out juice from a tender mango and make it a bit Luke warm and put 3-4 drops into your ear and see the infection will vanish within few days. This is also a good home remedy for ear infection.

These were some of the best home remedies which you can use to cure the ear infection. However, apart from following these home remedies you also need to take proper care of your ears. Avoid inserting or pricking your ears with hairpins, pens or any other foreign materials. This will only intensify the ear infection. So avoid it. Also, concentrate more on including Vitamin C in your diet as it helps fight infection.

Source :http://www.ayurveddoctor.com/