Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

A cracked heel is a very common cosmetic issue and can turn into severe painful problem. You can make use of variety of home remedies to treat cracked heels.

  • Let your feet soak in the Lukewarm water for several minutes and keep rubbing with pumice stone. Now let your feet dry and apply healthy amount of vegetable oil in cracks of heels. Put on soft and clean pair of socks. The best time for practicing this remedy is night just before you go to sleep. Daily use of this remedy can let you get rid of cracked heels in a few days.


  • Take handful of ground rice and mix honey and apple cider vinegar in this powder to make a thick paste. Use to apply this paste in cracks of heels and let your feet soak in the warm water. Wear soft socks in the night to provide moist to your cracked heels.

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  • Ground handful of neem leaves and add turmeric powder in it to form a thick paste. Use to apply this paste on cracks of heels and keep repeating this remedy until you got relief from cracked heels.

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