Home Remedies For Cold

Cold Relief Home Remedies

Cold is a common disease and every year many people suffered with cold when climate change. Seasonal flu and cold are common viral diseases it spread from one person to another. There are some ayurvedic home remedies for cold that provides you relief from cold. These home remedies for cold are:

Home Remedies For Cold

1In home remedies for runny nose use mustard oil. Pour 2-3 drops of mustard oil into nose when sleeping. You will get relief from cold using this home remedy.Chew three- four leaf of betel to get relief from cold.


2.Some people are gripped by cold time after time. In that case drink little warm Mausami (sweet lime) juice by mixing some Kala namak (black salt) and Kali Mirch (Peppercorns). Drink this juice regularly to get rid from cold.

3.If you have cold and fever then use this Ayurvedic home remedy for cold. Take 5-6 Kali Mirch (Peppercorns), 9-10 tulsi leaves, 4-5 gram Adrak (Ginger) and 2-3 Chhoti Elaichi (Green cardamom) and mix all these drugs in water and boil. Prepare decoction, you can also mix milk and sugar to make tea. Drink it 3-4 time to relief from cold and fever. This is more commonly used in all home remedies for cold.

4.Grind Ajwain (Carom/thymol seed) and mix with onion juice. Massage on chest and back for cold relief.Sonth (Dried ginger) is very effective for cold relief. Mix equal amount of Gur (sugarcane juice) and Sonth with one teaspoonful of desi ghee (clarified butter) and prepare sauce like material if necessary then add some drops of water. Lick this mixture 2-3 times a day or in morning and evening. This ayurvedic home remedy used in chronic cold also.

5.Mix Kali Mirch (Peppercorns) with curd and Gur(sugarcane juice). Eat it daily in the morning and evening to get rid from chronic cold.Prepare powder of Amrood (guava) seeds and take with warm water for cold relief.

6.Mix some drops of lemon in tea and drink to get rid of cold fast. For more better results do not mix milk in the tea.Mix Misri (Sugar-candy) and henna leaves in natural honey. Make a paste and use in morning and evening to get rid from cold fast and completely.

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