Home Remedies for Brittle Nails

Brittle nails look very bad, and it is also a very common problem with people of all ages. Don’t worry; here are some useful home remedies for you that will help you to treat brittle nails.

  • Coconut oil massage and application of nails is a very effective home remedy, and it is also easier. Just take some amount of coconut oil and apply to each of the nails. Keep massaging your nails gently for 5 minutes. Doing this on a daily basis can let you have beautiful and shinier nails.

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  • Vitamin E oil is also a good treatment for brittle nails. For this, you have to massage vitamin E oil to each of your nails, and you will get healthy and beautiful nails.


  • The prepared hand is soaking solution with the help of sea salt and warm water. Let your nails or fingertips soak in this solution for several minutes.



  • Also keep your hands well moisturized using good hand and body lotion.

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