Home Remedies for Black Eye

Black eye is the intimation of the bruising of eye tissues or some bleeding under the skin of eyes. It may also reflect the intensive surgery of skull or head injury. It may also affect the eye ball that become red and swollen. Sometimes blunt accidents or fights may result in black eye for which immediately consult the doctor for detailed examination because sometimes internal bleeding or retina damage may result in form of black eye. It may also affect the eyesight or damage the optic nerve.


For the treatment of black eye two ways are normally adopted one is based on home remedies and other is to rectify the root cause of black eye through proper medication.

  • Complete rest and ice padding help to reduce the swelling and puffiness around the eyes as well as give the soothing effect. This could be done on the daily basis for 20 minutes at least.


  • Always use the ice after wrapping it in the soft cotton cloth or try to use commercial ice packs.
  • Do not apply creams or lotion near the eye area without consultation of the doctor. It is harmful and even damage the eye sight.
  • Avoid going outside in day time. If in any case it’s urgent to go, use goggles or sun glasses while exposing to sunlight.

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  • While sleeping, use the high edge pillow or two pillows so as to put the head higher than the entire body.