Herbal remedies – List of Ayurvedic Treatment or Medicine for Hair Loss

here are approximately 3,000,000 single hair follicles on the scalp; each hair is constantly undergoing a cycle of growing and falling out. Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss include all natural ingredients that work to nourish the hair and revitalize the scalp, which is where the hair follicles grow. Hair thinning is the occurrence when hair begins to virtually stop growing, usually simultaneously falling out. By applying all natural ingredients to the hair and scalp, the hair can begin to thicken and regain a faster growth rate. Hair loss has been a common development in the youth as well as the elderly. The knowledge of Ayurveda has been used to treat hair thinning and loss for thousands of years.

Amla, the Indian Gooseberry

Amla, the Indian Gooseberry for hair loss

Amlaki or Amla is a great ingredient for cleansing your blood. It’s very effective in providing relief from indigestion problems. The Vitamin C ingredient in amla handles all your hair issues from within. To prepare it, dry a little amla and powder it. Use the powder to prepare a paste by mixing it with warm water. If you wish to get long and thick hair then it is recommended the preferred solution on your scalp. This is one of the best ayurvedic medicine for hair loss that promotes hair growth and darkens it.

Elchuri Ayurvedic Hair Growth Tips – Lamba Kesini

Lamba Kesini or radish for hair growth

It’s a really simple ayurvedic medicine for hair loss that can be executed by both children and adults seeking to acquire long and strong hair. Cut 20 grams of radish into small pieces, and then mix it with 3 pinches of both Rock-salt powder and Black pepper powder. Eat the mixture twice a day. You may also include some honey for taste.

Ayurvedic Oils to Massage your Scalp with Hot Oil

Massage your Scalp with Hot Oil for hair growth

Select one of the essential oils such as coconut oil, brahmi oil or almond oil, and properly massage your scalp with the hot oil. Massage improves the blood circulation in your scalp and rejuvenates your hair follicles, as well as improving the blood circulation in your hair roots. Within 6 months, you’ll be noticing changes. Your hair will grow better, longer and thicker, and minimize hair fall. Take 2 freshly squeezed tablespoons of lemon juice, mix it in a half cup (1/2) of oil and heat. Use the oil to massage your scalp if you’re suffering from dandruff.

Remedy yourself from Pitta Dosha

Ashwagandhais the remedy for Pitta Dosha the primary reason for hair fall

Ashwagandha, an antioxidant herb, is the remedy for Pitta Dosha. On the other hand, Pitta Dosha is the primary reason for your hair fall and hair loss. To reverse its effects, take one 6 mg capsule of ashwagandha daily. It purifies your system and eliminates all toxins. In addition, it’s anti-inflammatory and treats several hair problems.

Champi – Ayurvedic Head Massage

Ayurvedic or Abhyanga massage is considered an excellent ayurvedic treatment for hair loss that boosts blood circulation to the hair roots and encourages hair growth. To execute champi, you only need to pour a little oil into a bowl and warm it using hot water. Apply the oil by parting hair (in smaller portions) to various sections of your scalp by running your fingers round and round like you do when shampooing. Repeat this procedure until your entire head is covered.

While still massaging the oil in your scalp, gently tap all over your head using your fists. This will boost the circulations of blood to the hair and ease your muscle stiffness. Let the oil linger on your head for about an hour and then wash if off with warm water. To make your hair soft, you may want to consider wrapping your head with a towel dipped in warm water after the massage. Do this overnight to achieve the best results, though it may cause headache to some people.

Rosemary oil to boost hair growth

This is an essential oil for growth of hair and stands out as an excellent ayurvedic medicine for hair loss. Rosemary is an extensively used natural oil to boost hair growth and works perfectly on your hair. Massaging your head gently with the oil three times a week will improve the functioning of your nervous system, end premature graying of hair, as well as minimize hair fall. For faster and better outcome use it overnight.


Methi to control hair loss

Methi, also known as the miracle herb, is great in terms of ayurvedic treatment for hair loss. It is a very popular herb found in many households. This herb is very easy to access. Roast some methi and then grind them completely. Mix it with some warm water to make a paste. The amount of paste required will rely on your hair length. Apply the mixture on your hair, and then cover your scalp and hair completely. Leave it for about 20 minutes, and then clear it off with cold water.


Bhringaraaja for hair loss

Eclipta prostrata commonly referred to as yerba de tago, Bhringaraj/Bhringraj or false daisy, is a very effective  ayurvedic medicine for hair loss when it comes to enhancing hair growth . It is known as the king of all herbs in regards to the hair. Make a paste from some of its leaves and then apply it on your hair and scalp. Cover your head completely and leave it for about 20 minutes. Later clean it off using cold water. Unfortunately, the Bhringaraj herb is not readily available. To prepare the paste, take around 5 – 6 tablespoons of Bhringaraj powder and sock it in warm water. For better results do this regularly.

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