Herbal Care for Dental Disorders

Teeth are the hard structure that are attached to the mucous membrane inside the mouth and are planted in the jaw structure of a human being. They serve the purpose of chewing and grinding the food and also in the pronunciation of words. Teeth and gums are a sensitive area , and they also carry a aesthetic value and enhances the beauty of the individuals. Considering all these, these are to be taken proper care of. Ayurveda which is an ancient science based on herbal therapies believes that teeth problems can be treated by balancing the three doshas of a human body – The Vatta, pita and Kapha, just like any other diseased condition.


Use of herbals like cinnamon and til along with clove oil are highly beneficial in alleviating toothache.

A combination of brown salt (rock salt) and ginger can provide some immediate relief from tooth pain.

You can prepare a thick paste of clove oil, vinegar and bark portion of the bay berry plant and apply it regularly on the tooth which has pain to see some good results in a short period of time.

Refrain from the consumption of sweeteners, soft drinks and carbohydrate rich food.

Gum Bleeding


This is a common dental problem which occurs when the root of the teeth gets weakened and loose causing bleeding. Some Ayurvedic recommendations are brushing teeth with a Neem twig.

Massaging the gums and tooth with a mixture of alum and mustard oil and table salt is highly useful in preventing bleeding of gums. Leaves of guava tree are also thought to be beneficial in this aspect. Chew a couple of guava leaves daily for few minutes to avail its natural benefits. Enhance the intake of citrus fruits and roughage in your diet. Consume sufficient amount of raw and green vegetable

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