Henna Benefits

Henna / Mehandi (Botanical Name– Lawsonia Inermis) is a useful Ayuvedic herb and used mainly to dye hair and skin. Like turmeric it is a strong healer nature and used as a Ayurvedic medicine in many skin diseases. Heena is also used for dyeing hair and provide you long strong hair or hair growth. It is used as a dye for hair and skin. Henna / Mehandi has a natural color that uses for decorating skin and hair. In dyeing purposes, it is mainly used in all Ayurvedic herbs. There are some other main Henna benefits for good health.

It is Ayurvedic herb and we use the leaf  of this herbal plant to dye hair. For dyeing hairand skin we use henna paste.

The method of How To Make Henna Paste is

*In first you have to collect the green leaf of Henna / Mehandi from his plant.
*Deep the green leaf of Henna / Mehandi in water for approximately 30 minutes.
*Filter the leaf from water after 30 minutes.
*Grind the leaf and prepare a paste using water if necessary.
*Grind leafs completely to get paste.
*Some people mix mustard oil or tea water to make strong dye impact on skin.

These are the simple steps to make henna paste.  Now Henna / Mehandi paste is ready to use and you can use it on scalp hair, on hands, arms and foot. You can create different Mehandi designs with this paste. The procedure of How to dye your hair is quite simple as mentioned below:

How To Dye Your Hair

*In first prepare or make Henna / Mehandi paste as mentioned above.

*Wrap your neck, face, forehead with cloth to avoid dye on other skin parts.

*You need a partner or fellow to apply paste in your hair. You can do yourself but facing problem when apply on back of head hairs.

*Use a dye brush to color your hairs.

*Apply the paste on all hairs gently with scalp at the root of hairs.

*To get natural dye color, wait for the paste to get dry.

*When paste dried then use normal water to wash hairs.

This is natural hair dye and beneficial for hair and other skin disorders. But there are some precautions that avoid hair dye side effects:

*Only use Henna paste on hairs in day time. Sometime many people apply this hair dye in night and then remove it in next morning. So only apply this paste for 2-3 hours when  get dried then washed away.

*Do not use during pregnancy, headache and other mental disorder disease.

*Although it is 100% natural and non toxic but sometime it has some bad skin effect like allergy and red spot on the skin.

*It is necessary to test it on a small part of your body like on arm if get any abnormality then avoid to use.
You must use these natural herb Henna benefits for hairs and skin.

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