Hearing Problem

There are many peoples and children who are suffer with this deafness disease. Deafness is a problem in all ages of peoples either elder of children. Sometime this is a heritage disease and caused by parents to their children. In ayurveda there are some very effective home remedies or treatment that helps you to get rid from this disease. These home remedies or Deafness Treatment are stated as below:

1 Caste some  Suhaga (Borax) in ear and after immediately drop 4-5 drops of lemon extract to get of deafness problems.

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2 Caste 4-5 drops of warm oil after cooling in ear to in deafness treatment.


3 Mix Adrak (Ginger) extract with some natiral honey and caste in ear to get rid of deafness disease.

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4 In deafness treatment, we can use also Tulsi (Holy basil, Ocimum sanctum). Use Tulsi leaves exract to cure deafness.

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5 Daily caste 2-3 drops of onion extract in morning and in evening after a little warm in deafness cure.

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