Health Benefits Of Natural Honey

Natural Honey Benefits

Natural Honey is available in liqud thick form and sweet in taste. In India it is popular with Hindi names Madhu andShahad. Honey is made by Honey Bees using flower’s nectar. Wild Honey bees transform flower’s nectar into honey by Regurgitation process. This Natural Honeyis a big source of energy and sweet that need no additional flavors. Honey is stored by bees for cold weather or when fresh food sources are not available then they use this food. Honey collection from wild bee nest isvery ancient and people every year collect the honey from honey bees nest. Honey bees mostly made his nest on tress in jungle in cold places with water availability in short range. In process of collecting wild honey bee from bee nest the people follow this procedure. For this purpose people went in groups of two or three in night. They all wrap their body with clothes and using karpoor (Camphor) to avoid the bite of bees. In first one person check the bee nest with a sharp long wood rod by entering it into the nest. Then he examine the rod to know about honey is ready in nest or not, raw yet.

If honey is ready, then one person prepares a smoke to run bees from the nest. All bees ran away by smoke and then other person cut the bees nest with a sharp instrument. He collects the entire nest in a basket and then at home differentiates the honey from the nest. To get honey, simply the nest pieces are pressed with hands then filter it 2-3 times. Nest is a combination of thousands small white color shell that contains Honey. This is natural honey and does not require any flavor or other ingredients.
Some people collect Honey at home through beekeeping business. This honey is not natural as made by honey bees because these bees are not getting any flowers nectar and only produce honey from their provided sugar food from beekeeper. Some main Health Benefits Of Natural Honey are mentioned as below:

Health Benefits Of Natural Honey

Natural Honey is best the best Ayurvedic medicine for cough. In simple Ayurvedic Home remedies for cough, we use a mixture of natural honey and Ghee (desi ghee). Do not use same amount of Honey and ghee because same amount create poison. In every type of cough, this home remedy is used. Use this mixture 3-4 times a day to get rid from Cough.
Natural Honey is used in weight loss Ayurvedic Home remedies. For weight loss you can use Honey with hot water every day. In Ayurvedic Home remedies for weight lossit is main home remedy. Use regularly in morning before meal the liquid solution of Honey and warm water to get best results. Some people use Honey with Lemon juice to get fast result is weight loss.

Alone Honey is also used as an eye toner. The people at home usually apply honey in eyes with a soft rounded small rod. It improves our eyesight.

Honey is a strong healer of wounds and also used as a best heart tonic or blood purifier. Baba ramdev suggests to take one spoon daily of honey for long and healthy living. In summer, we can use honey with water and milk solution, as a juice. Honey is a great source of energy contains vitamins and other health ingredients. Honey has many health benefits and used to cure Mouth Ulcers, Dysentery, Night Blindness, Malaria, Paralysis, Pyorrhoea, Tuberculosis, Infertility and Skin itching disorders. Take advantages or Health Benefits Of Natural Honey organic substance.

We recommend you to take Health Benefits Of Natural Honey to treat diseases or maintain good health.

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