Health Benefits of Cloves

Clove is used as an ayurvedic herb in many home remedies. Cloves (Laung, Lavang in Hindi) have many health benefits and used in cure of many health disorders. Flowers buds of clove tree are used in healthcare and these are with healing nature. Mostly it is used in tea in winter season due to its hot properties.

1 The people who are suffered with bad breath problems they can use Cloves to get rid of bad breath.


2 In toothache, Use Cloves oil or Cloves to end pain.

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3 In stomach ache or pain, boil the 8-10 pieces of Cloves with water. Use this lukewarm water to cure stomach ache.


4 Cloves are very useful in Cough disorders. Prepare the powder of equal amount of Cloves, Kali Mirch (Peppercorns) and Bheda (Terminalia bellirica) and same amount of white Catechu. Add this mixture in Babool (Acacia Arabia) bark decoction to prepare small pills. Use these pills one by one to get relief from Cough problems.


5 In Fever, grind the same amount of Cloves and Chiretta with water and use 3-4 times a day to cure fever.10

6 Cloves are also used to stop frequent Vomiting. Grind the cloves with water and mix some sugar-candy in it. Lick this mixture to stop vomiting.


7 If you are suffered with excessive hunger disorder then use the Cloves powder with lukewarm water to get relief from excessive hunger.


8 In case of Hordeolum or Stye , eyelid pock treatment, apply the paste of Cloves on the Stye. Rub the cloved with water on a clean place and apply on Stye.