Dalchini Cinnamon Health Benefits

Dalchini is one popular kitchen herb or spice of India and mostly used in meals for fragrances. Dalchini is Hindi name of Cinnamon natural herb of Lauraceae family. In Sanskrit, Dalchini is known as Tvak because Cinnamon bark is used part of this organic herb. Dalchini is a medicinal tree with a lot of medicinal properties. Cinnamon health benefits are too many but some main are mentioned below with tree identification.

Dalchini Cinnamon Tree

Dalchini evergreen tree is of 20-25 feet in height mostly and in Sri Lanka it is of height 50-60 feet. Dalchini bark obtained from new tree is smooth and old Cinnamon tree bark is dry brown breakable of 5 mm in thickness. Cinnamon leaves are oriented, leathered and 4-7 inches in length. Cinnamon leaves top surface is shiny and with 3-5 veins. When you chafe Dalchini leaves then it offers a pungent smell and sour taste.Cinnamon flowers are in bunches with foul smell.

Cinnamon fruits are ½-1 inch long in oval deep purple colour in bell shaped with one seed inside. On plucking fruits from inside Turpentine (Tarpin) smell arises. Cinnamon tree gets flowers in January and its fruits ripe in May to August months.
Dalchini is an organic herb and has many uses or health benefits in Ayurveda. Some main Dalchini Cinnamon health benefits are mentioned as below:

Dalchini Cinnamon Health Benefits

1.Dalchini Cinnamon is used for mouth purification and itstrengthens teeth. It is also used as a mouth freshener and ends mouth foul smell.images (23)


  1. Dalchini Cinnamon oil is used in nerve weakness and in paralysis.
  2. Dalchini Cinnamon powder is also used to treat Anorexia, Indigestion, Colic or Stomachache, Chronic Colitis and Haemorrhoids
  3. Cinnamon for blood– In heart weakness and in other blood disorders like blood sugar, diabetes Cinnamon powder is very beneficial.
  4. Cinnamon oil is used to treat Cough, Breathing and TB tuberculosis (Rajyakshma in Hindi) respiratory system disorders.
  5. To treat urinary disorders like Strangury, GonorrheaCinnamon is very useful.
  6. Cinnamon is also used in Uterus laxity and other reproductive system disorders.
  7. Dalchini Cinnamon for Weight Loss– Cinnamon powder is also used in natural weight loss treatment. In a cup of water mix half spoon of Cinnamon powder and boil. On cooling add one spoon of natural honey and use in morning and night before sleeping to lose weight.

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