Burn Relief Treatment For Burns

Homes, mainly in kitchens sometimes we gripped in fire and harmed through hot things that touches our skin cause condition of skin burns. In this situation, we need quick burn relief treatment for burns. Skin burn is a very painful condition and in modern medical science, skin burn is divided into four stages as First degree burn, 2nd degree burns, third degree burns and 4th degree burns. These skin burns types specify the deepness of burn in skin layers. First degree burns shows that burn in only external skin layer called superficial skin. 2nd degree burns shows that burn effect in some internal layers of skin also with external skin. Third degree burns means burn effect in all skin layers and last 4th degree burns indicates that burn effect on internal tissue also. Burn effect causes a painful irritation on burn spot. In Ayurveda there is some treatment for burns that used for burn relief.

Ayurvedic Burn Relief Treatment For Burns

1. Apply banana’s eatable part on the skin burn part to avoid irritation.

2.Mix kapur (camphor) in tarpeen (Colophony) oil and apply on burn spot.

3.Grind Laung / Lavang (Cloves) with natural honey and apply on burn spot, it avoid wound on skin.

4.You can also use natural honey to end irritation on skin burn.

5.Grind Bargad / Vat (Ficus benghalensis) leaves in cow’s ghee and paste it on burn place to get burn relief.