Bhang Marijuana Health Benefits

Bhang Marijuana Health Benefits

Bhang – Marijuana– is a Ayurvedic herb and popular with names Bhang, Bhaang, Bhanga, Madani, Indian hemp, Ganja, marijuana with scientific name or Botanical nameCannabis Sativa. It is used as a narcotic drug. Leaves and flowers of Bhang are used as a narcotic and in Hinduism on the day of Maha Shivaratri the person who believes in Lord Shiva celebrate this festival and use Bhang as Prasad. The devotees of Lord Shiva prepare a liquid mixture solution of Bhange leaf herb, milk, Guava leaf, almond and other herbs on this day. Bhang Pakora is also more usually used everywhere on Maha Shivratri. Bhang is used as a pain relief drug and also reduceanxiety and swelling. It is strong pain reliever Ayurvedic medicibe. Extra dose of Bhang (marijuana) is very harmful for human body.

Ayurvedic home remedies or Bhang Marijuana health benefits that we use normally in extra intake of Bhang (Cannabis sativa, marijuana) is explained as below:

If someone use extra intake of Bhang then to reduce narcotic effect of Bhang, we have to use mixture of hot milk and almond to reduce the effect of Bhang (marijuana).
If you think that there is not any improvement with Almond milk then use the root of Bhang herb to get conscious. The extract of green Bhang (Cannabis Sativa) plant root is very effective to reduce the effect of Bhang.

This herb is more commonly used in cold palaces and used as a best pain relieverayurvedic medicine. Some main health health benefits of this ayurvedic herb are mentioned as below:

  1. In earache, pour 2-2 drops of Bhang leaves extract into both ears.
  2. To cure Insomnia use powder of 5 gram Bhang leaves with 1-2 gram Sarpgandha (Rauvolfia serpentina) powder. Daily take a low dose of this mixture to get rid of sleep disorders.
  3. Marijuana for Headache – In headache treatment, inhale the marijuana leaf extract. You can also pour 2-3 drops of Bhang leaves extract into nose to relieve from headache.
  4. In Hysteria disease, Bhang is used with Hing (Asafoetida, Ferula Foetida). Mix Bhang powder with some Hing and use a pearl equal to peas seed daily.
  5. In Cough cure remedies, use Bhang (marijuana) with Trikatu Ayurvedic Combination (Equal amount of Sonth, Peepal, Kali Mirch)
  6. In Dysentery treatment, use Saunf with Bhang powder. It is also good to treat repeatedly Poop problems.
  7. Bhang is also improve functioning of digestive system. Bhang helps to increase hunger and cure digestive disorders. Mix Adrak (Ginger) and Kali Mirch (Black Pepper) with Bhang and use this mixture to cure digestion disorders.
  8. In hidrocele (Testicle Enlargement) treatment, prepare a thick paste of Bhang leaves and tie on testicles.
  9. To cure Strangury problem use Bhang with kakadi beej ( Armenian cucumber) powder. Prepare the syrup of this mixture and drink it to cure Strangury and other UTI disorders.
  10.  Bhang (Marijuana) is also used to cure infertility problems. In dealing with infertility, use the Marijuana seeds powder daily 1 spoon in night with milk or water.
  11. In Arthritis treatment, daily use twice a day the powder of bhang seeds in morning and evening.
  12. To cure muscle pain and cramps, boil some Bhang seeds in 200 gram of mustard oil. Massage with this mixture to cure muscle pain or Vata disorders.
  13. To cure wounds, boil some Bhang marijuana leafs in water and wash wound with this water.

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