Best ways to increase height !

Many people in the world suffering from a generic disorder called puniness, insufficient nutrients and underdeveloped hormones is the most reasonable cause of this. Because of this, many people have facing embarrassment and inferiority.

Due to this, they hurt their self esteem many times and they become mentally disturbed. Even people are being ridiculed them on several occasions. So the most important thing is that, do not care about people’s perception. Keep positive thinking and move forward for struggling.

Here the question is that, how can they increase their height?

Today, we are discussing about some natural home remedies, Yoga and exercises to grow taller. We need to know that, what the causes for low height or puniness are given below –

Causes for Dwarfism or Puniness

Mostly height are a genetic or genes factor, but sometimes it occurs due to some common mistakes in diet and bad habits. The other causes are –

  • Genetic or hereditary disorder.
  • Irregular lifestyles.
  • Lack of nutrition.
  • Hormone growth disorder.
  • Lack of proper diet.
  • Lack of proteins and vitamins.
  • Bed habits such as alcohol, smoking etc. (It may be a causes for stop the hormones growth.)
  • Lack of physical exercises.
  • Medication reaction or infection at the stage of teenage.
  • Excessive consideration of negativity.

According to medical science or in pathological terms, the Human growth hormone (HGH) is responsible to grow taller and make body fit and balancing. It is a hormone, related to pituitary gland that responsible for stimulate the growth.

Natural Home Remedies To Grow Taller (Height Gain)

Now, we discussing about cutting the puniness and regeneration of HGH hormone from the natural remedies. Here are some effective home remedies to increase you height.

(1) Ashwagandha Root, Milk and Sugar

Ashwagandha root is also known as Indian ginseng, winter cherry and ashagandh.

  • Take some fresh and clean Ashwagandha root and make a fine powder by grinding them.
  • Filter it and therein add equal amount of sugar (powdered sugar).
  • Now, blend both powder and mix well.
  • Thereafter, keep this mixture in a glass vessel or pot.
  • Take two tablespoon (6 gram) of this mixture with 200 ml milk at every night before you go to sleep.
  • Use continuously 45 days to get effective. By using this, you can make your body curvy and attractive.
  • You will also get rid from weakness, headache, Arthritis and Back pain to using this remedy.
  • You can be continuing to use after 45 day.
  • With this you will also get rid from weakness, headache, Arthritis and Back pain.

Note – Ashwagandha is known as Withania somnifera and its root is called Asagandh. By using ashwagandha you can also get rid from the back pain, dizziness and physical weakness, headache and knee pain.

Precautions – You need to know some precaution before using it. they are –

  1. Warm nature people shouldn’t use without consulting doctor. (Nature of people according to ayurveda)
  2. Use at-least 45 days to get effective.
  3. Avoid oily, spicy, fried and fast food during this treatment.
  4. Cow’s milk is more beneficial with this remedy.
  5. Ashwagandha may act as an abortifacient. So, it should not be consumed without doctor’s advice.
  6. Do not use this remedy during pregnancy. It can be causes for abortifacient.

(2) Ashwagandha Powder, Black Sesame, Date Palm (fruits)

Take both ashawgandha powder and black sesame equally and make a fine powder by grinding them.

  • Filter it and mix well.
  • Add a tablespoon (5 grams) of this mixture inside 5 date palm fruits.
  • Thereafter, eat them with 10 grams of cow’s butter.
  • Use continuously at least 40 days to get effective.

Note – Warm nature people don’t take excessive dose of ashwagandha, because it produces heat in the body. So, use it after consulting an ayurvedic specialist.

(3) Balancing Diet and Nutrition

Diet and nutrition play a vital role to develop the body structure. Take nutrition and balancing diet, and you should include green leafy vegetables and fruit in your daily food. Balancing and nutrition diet helps to stimulate the human growth hormone, which is a factor of height. Also, avoid the excess intake of fried, oily, salty and fast food.

(4) Eat More Protein & Vitamins Supplements

You should use eat right principle to grow and develop the body.

  • Get enough vitamin D; it can be obtained by sun bath, fish oil. It helps to strong the bones and muscles.
  • Take plenty of protein; it can be obtained by milk and eggs.
  • Eat balancing and enough diet to grow taller naturally.

(5) Sleep & Proper Rest

Rest or sleep is a major factor in developing the body structure. Take enough sleep to grow the body tissue or regenerate the hormones.

(6) Prohibition Factors

Avoid the harming factors such as alcohol, smoking and drugs. They might be causes for block the growth of body tissue and hormones, which is functioning for grow your body.

(7) Exercises

Physical exercise are the most important part of healthy body, these are play a vital role to develop a proper and attractive body structure. You should do some exercises every day to grow your body and strong your body muscles and bones. According to research, exercises are very effective to regenerates the body tissue and recover the blockage. You can try stretching, hanging, swimming and bicycling to grow-up (taller) fast naturally. Remember that, exercises are very effective to increase height.

(8) Yoga

Yoga can help to generate positive energy in your body. It activates the body tissue and works for developing them. In yoga section, much kind of the yoga poses are available. But when it comes to increase height, the Mountain pose, Seated Forward Bend pose, Cobra Pose, Wheel Pose, Bow Pose, Hand under Foot Pose, Triangle Pose, and Surya Namaskar pose (sun salutation pose) comes first. You should try these yoga poses to gain height naturally and effectively. Even with these you can feel healthy mind and fit body.

(9) Diet To Be Used

You should take proper and balancing diet, including proteins and vitamins supplements, green leafy vegetables, fruits, pulses, fish oil and eggs. Remember that, Proper and balancing diet is a key to healthy body.

(10) Prohibited Diet

You should avoid the fried food, oily food, salty and fast foods. Also you can avoid excessive intake of spicy and fried diet.

Best Yoga and Exercises To Grow Taller

Special Advice:

  1. Avoid excessive use of tea and coffee.
  2. Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  3. Stop addiction of drugs.
  4. Do not try the difficult exercises without trainer.
  5. Remember that, Proper & balancing diet = healthy body.

Hopefully, these natural tips and home remedies will help to increase your height. You can also make comments for more information and suggestions.