Benefits of Pearl Oyster- Shukti

Importance of Pearl Oyster Shukti in Ayurveda

Oyser has great importance in Ayurveda health care system. Pearl Oyster is popular with hindi name Shukti in India. Indian ancient texts like Charak and Sushrut codex describe the importance of pearl oyster in many ayurvedic drug combinations. Ashtangahridayasamhita and sangrah also contains the combination of Oyster made drugs that used in Pricking, Pyrosis, Duodenum and many other disorders. Old Rasa texts like Rasarnav and Rasaratnakar Shukla Varga provide you detail information of Oyser (Shukti). After 11 Century, all Rasa Granth’s Sudha Varga mentions the Conch shell and Oyser (shankh-shukti).

It is classified into two forms: Pearl Oyster and normal Water Oyster.
Raw Oyser is not directly used for medical purposes in health care treatment.Oyster (Shukti) is the posterior surface of water creature mollusk that living inside the Oysters. Some Oyster contains natural pearl inside. Oyster posterior part is covered with a moss surface that converts into gray and black colour when dry. Inner part of Oysters is of white and rainbow colours divisions. Pearl containing Oyster are of bright colour than normal Oyster.

Oyster purification is necessary before medicinal uses. In Ayurveda, diaphoresissweating techniques is used for Oyster purification. Pearl Oysters is used in form of Paste (Pishti) and Ash (Bhasma) in Ayurvedic medicines. To make paste of Pearl Oyster, prepare the fine powder and cream up with rose water for 3 days. When dry then again make powder to use.To prepare Oyster Ash, first prepare the fine powder of Oysters with Aloe Vera extract. Using some ayurvedic techniques, we get white colour Oyster Ash that is alkaline in nature.

Benefits of Pearl Oyster- Shukti

Oyster Ash is very useful in fever, breathing, heart diseases, pricking, cancer, pyrosis, duodenum, spleen, celipathy, arthritis and Urine blood sugar and in many other disorders.

A low dose of Oyster Ash 2-4 ratti is used with honey, milk, Purified butter (Ghee) and other prescribed decoctions.

There are some popular combinations of Oysters contained drugs are: Prwalpanchamrit Rasa, Maha Gandhak, Lutavishnashk, Agad, Vishmajvraantak Rasa, Varnaropnaarth Choorn etc. Oysters are good source of Zinc, Copper, Calcium, Iron, Iodine, Manganese and Phosphorus etc. Oysters used in night blindness, wound healing and also strengthen immune system.


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