Ayurvedic treatment for Piles

Piles is categorized into two types, namely, bleeding piles and dry piles. In bleeding piles, so much of the blood is bleed that, the patient suffers from anemia. Wind formation in the stomach, loss of appetite, itching in the anus region is often associated with this disease.

Ayurvedic Ttreatment of Piles:


OftenNagakesara is recommended by Ayurvedic doctors, especially when this is associated with bleeding. One teaspoon-full powder of Nagakesara is given to the patients three times a day. Haritaki is a useful herb for both dry and bleeding piles. One teaspoon full powder of Haritaki is given to the patients two to three times a day.

Ayurvedic drug Abhayarishta is a widely recommended medicine for this condition. 30 ml of Abhayarishta is given to the patient twice daily after food with an equal amount of water. Kasiaditaila can be used externally, which helps in shrinking piles and cures itching in the anal region. It helps in relieving pain and checks bleeding.

Diet: Avoid any fast food and spicy items. Take foods which are rich in fiber. Barley, wheat, old rice, goat’s milk, brinjal, etc. are recommended food for the patient. Take sufficient water. Little warm water is sometimes recommended. Isobgol husk is helpful in clearing bowl.

Conclusion: Patients shouldn’t suppress natural urges. Avoid riding on thehorseback and sitting on a hard surface for a long time. This is a treatable disease, but remember to change fast and harming life style. Add physical exercise in your daily routine. Studies say, proper physical exercise alone can cure most of the disease. Yoga is highly recommended.

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