Ayurvedic Treatment for Eye Allergies



Eye allergies, often referred, as allergic conjunctivitis is an irritating condition of eyes, which occur when eye reacts to some foreign particles called allergen. In order to fight against that allergen, our eyes produce a substance called histamine due to which the white part of our eyes called sclera become red and swollen. This results in itching, tearing and burning of eyes.

The most common eye allergy symptoms include:

  • Red, swollen or itchy eyes.
  • Burning or tearing of the eyes
  • Sensitivity to light

Causes of Eye Allergies:

  • The most frequent cause of eye allergies is the airborne allergens such as dust, smoke, and pollen from grass, trees and ragweed.
  • Sometimes allergies can be also caused by reactions to perfume, cosmetics or drugs. In some cases the preservative chemicals present in the eye drops also acts as an allergen.
  • Eye allergies can also be a result of inheritance. Mostly it get inherited from the parents to the offspring?s, when both the father and mother are positive to eye allergy.

By keeping certain things in mind you can avoid eye allergies to a maximum extent. Some basics of ayurvedic treatment for eye allergies for avoiding eye allergies are:

  • Use of rose water is very effective in the treatment of eye allergy. Put 2-3 drops of rosewater in your eyes and close your eyes. Keep your eyes close for a while and don?t le the water come out. This is very helpful in healing the ailment.
  • Wash your eyes with cold water as much as possible.
  • An ayurvedic mixture of Indian gooseberry powder and honey is very beneficial. Take this mixture everyday before going to bed at night. It cures the eye allergies as well as provides further resistance against eye allergies.
  • Do not rub your eyes with bare hands if they are itching. Take a cotton pad and rinse it and wipe it over the eyes gently.
  • In case of inflammation in eyes, juice of red raspberry leaves is very effective.
  • An ayurvedic mixture of rosewater, onion juice, a little bit of lemon peel juice is very effective to your eyes against itching.
  • Use clean handkerchiefs, pillow covers, bed sheets etc.
  • Keep the windows of your home closed in order to avoid the allergens to enter your house.

Thus, by using some natural resources we can use herbal remedies for the treatment of eye allergies. Moreover, ayurvedic treatment for eye allergies also increases the resistance power of eye against the allergens.

Source : http://www.mahaaushadhi.com/