Ayurvedic Care for Memory Loss

In Ayurveda, loss of memory is known as “Smutibhransh”. Memory power denotes the retention of knowledge and the power to recall anything that you learnt/analyzed. Memory loss means that the person fails to remember what he/she has learned previously. Sometimes it is even difficult for them to remember the names of the closest of his friends.

Causes and Symptoms


Memory may get hampered by concussion of the brain or even by certain diseases. Old age may also lead to loss of memory. Sometimes the patient may suffer from temporary loss of memory which is caused due to some injury.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Memory Loss


You might be wondering how Ayurveda can treat memory loss problems. Read below to know how Ayurvedic medicines will help improve one’s memory power:

  • Herbal extracts & its natural herbs are helpful in balancing one’s “vata”, which is responsible dosha for memory loss.
  • Herbal and natural medicines contain specific nutrients that are not easily obtained from dietary sources alone that influence on neuron, as deficiencies of specific nutrients can also lead to loss of memory.
  • Natural herbs improves circulations towards the brain cells which are responsible for the memory retention.
  • Ayurvedic medicine activates brain cells to improve memory in different ages to enhance learning recall and retention, improves concentration, mental alertness, mental clarity, reduce stress and tension.
  • Ayurvedic memory booster improves the transmission of nerve impulses, damaged neurons are repaired resulting in the restoration of the synaptic activity. Natural herbal medicine helps in the proper circulation of blood into the brain, delivering the right amount of oxygen needed by it.
  • Memory capsules also help in releasing serotonin, a neuro transmitter, a good brain tonic that is reported to improve the intellect.

Source :  http://www.vopecpharma.com/memory-booster-c216.aspx