8 Best Tuberculosis Treatment (TB) Home Remedies

Tuberculosisis the lungs disorder and a bacterial infection. It is caused by bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosisso known as Tuberculosis or TB in short. This disease is mainly infecting our lungs and sometime expands to other organs. This tuberculosis bacteriakills the tissue of infected organs. This disease affected a healthy person when he gets into contact with an infected person of TB by breathing or when he was coughing. This is the primary TB stage and easily curable by proper treatment. Cough with mucus, cough with blood, Chest pain, fever, fatigue, weight loss and weak immune system are the primary symptom. In primary symptom, when any one suffered with regular cough from 3-4 weeks then that person have to go for aTuberculosis diagnosis. Tuberculosis or TB is a curable disease but without proper treatment this chronic infection disease causes to death.

In ayurveda there are some primary Tuberculosis treatmentthat are very helpful. Apply these ayurvedic home remedies for Tuberculosis (TB) and cure this disease. These ayurvedic home remedies for Tuberculosis images (5)

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Tuberculosis Treatment:-

1 Tuberculosis patients daily eat 5 Khajoor (Date palm) fruits with milk 4 times a day in Tuberculosis treatment.

2 Tuberculosis patients eat half kilogram grapes daily as a ayurvedic home remedy for Tuberculosis (TB).

3 Take 15 Tulsi (Holy basil, Ocimum sanctum) leaves, half spoon salt and Jeera (Black Cumin). Prepare the small pills with lemon extract and use twice a day. Use this remedy for 45-60 days to end Tuberculosis.

4 Daily use mixture of mango juice one glass with natural honey twice a day. Use it in morning and in evening for regular 2 months to cure Tuberculosis(TB).

5 Onion is best medicine or home remedy for Tuberculosis. Use raw onion or onion extract in Tuberculosis treatment.