6 Fresh Vegetable Juices For Beautiful & Glowing Skin

1. Carrot Juice 

We all have heard from childhood that eating carrots contributes to better eyesight. That’s because carrots are power packed with so many nutrients that positively affects us in numerous ways. Carrots help our skin get smoother, softer and fairer. Carrots also help in making the skin complexion even. Beta-carotene, an ingredient which provides carrots their typical color is a powerful antioxidant which aids in cell regeneration and slows aging effects on our skin. Carrots also help in reducing redness and inflammation caused by acne. So remember to include fresh carrot juice in the daily diet to see this magic veggie work.
2. Beet Juice 

Eating beets is probably avoided by many but including fresh beet juice in your diet is one thing you will never regret. Drinking beet juice is definitely a better way to consume beetroots rather than eating. Beetroots are a rich source of iron which helps in the formation of red blood cells and purifies the blood. It helps to flush out harmful toxins out of the body which is the main reason behind acne and dark spots. Drinking a glass of beetroot juice daily will impart a healthy and rosy glow on your face. Not only this external application of beetroot juice under your eye area daily will help in the lightening of dark circles but also provides relief from puffy eyes.
3. Spinach Juice 

Remember “Popeye the Sailor Man” from your childhood days and his love for spinach. We will also start adoring spinach just like Popeye once we know the benefits it has on our skin. Spinach is full of antioxidants that fight free radicals produced by our body which are responsible for aging of the skin. Spinach is also rich in vitamins, minerals and iron which depart a healthy glow to our skin. Alkaline minerals present in spinach also maintain the ph level of our body.

4. Bottle Gourd Juice 

Bottle gourd is also known as ghiya or dhudhi or lauki in Hindi. It is also one of the best vegetables which are consumed mainly for weight loss purposes. Little did we know bottle gourd juice or lauki juice is also wonderful for our skin too. Consuming a glass of lauki juice with empty stomach first thing in morning clears away pimples and its scars. It is also beneficial for oily skinned beauties as it reduces the secretion of oil. Lauki juice cleanses the system and purifies blood departing a healthy glow to our face.
5. Tomato Juice

We have been using tomato juice in so many ways for our skin through the external application. To avail higher benefits, start consuming a cup of tomato juice every day. Tomatoes contain lycopene which acts as a natural sunscreen from within. Tomatoes are full of vitamin C, A and K which works at the molecular level to regenerate damaged skin cells. Tomato juice taken both externally and internally is beneficial in overall skin health.

6. Cucumber Juice 

Cucumber juice is a magical drink for hydrating our body as it is composed of 95% water. It flushes out harmful toxins and contains an important mineral silica which works great for the skin as it stimulates the production of collagen. Also, cucumber slices are used on our eyes during facials or otherwise to reduce puffy eyes and dark circles problem. Cucumber contains many important vitamins and antioxidants which also help in weight loss and digestion.