5 home remedies for Grey Hair that NEVER work !

Do you blindly follow all those home remedies for grey hair that you come across? Well, DO NOT. Because not every home remedy yields desired results. Dr Amit Kerure, Dermatologist, Skin Clinic, Vashi lists five common home remedies for grey hair that fail to transform your grey hair to black hair.

Kadi patta: Yes, an inexpensive and easily available kitchen ingredient, using kadi patta or curry leaves to get rid of grey hair is a popular remedy. In fact, some people might be allergic to these leaves, which can lead to itching rather than treating your problem.

Lemon: Commonly used to treat dandruff naturally, some people also apply lemon juice to deal with grey hair. However Dr Amit explains that the acidic nature of lemons and its antioxidant properties can cause contact dermatitis in addition to not helping you fight grey hair.

Curd: Do you use curd to condition your hair and also prevent grey hair? If yes, then you must stop using it as the antibacterial properties of curd might help you to treat dandruff but not greying of hair.

Garlic: Another kitchen ingredient that tops the lists as home remedy for grey hair is garlic. But even this fails to produce effective results as allicin, a sulphur compound can promote hair growth by triggering collagen production. However it does nothing for treating grey hair.

Onion: It is a common belief that applying onion juice promotes hair growth and also aids in getting rid of grey hair along with helping you to treat alopecia. While, the high sulphur content in onion controls hair fall as it prevents the hair from breaking easily, it does nothing to stop greying hair.

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