15 Benefits Of Drinking Water

Drinking Water Benefits:-

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Water is an essential component of all living organism and on average adult human body contains 60% water. This composition of water varies in male, female and in kids. Newly born babies and kids bodies have more water percentage and woman has low water level than an average adult human. A human body daily needs 3-4 liter water a day to function better. Low intake of water results to dehydration and many other health problems.

1 Helps to lose weight

2 Get a glowing skin

3 Eliminate body toxins

4 Boost energy and stamina

5 Improve productivity

6 Reduce risk of cancer, kidney stone and joint pain

7 Regulate body temperature

8 Improve digestive system

9 Prevent Constipation

10 Control Blood Pressure

10 Relieve fatigue

12 Improve brain functionality

13 Relive Stress, Headache, Migraines and Cramps

14 Antioxidant

15 Relive Hangover and bad breath