Home Remedies For Loose Motion

Listed below are simple, everyday ingredients that come from your kitchen shelf and garden. Some of these are as effective as medicinalsupplements for loose motions. However, in case of severe diarrhea, consult a doctor as the home remedies can not provide relief instantly which may be required in this type of loose motion.


Yogurt contains alive lacto bacillus bacteria which can restore the balance of good bacteria in the stomach and intestines. This remedy is very effective in case of fungal infection led loose motions. Try to eat a bowl full of undiluted curd or yogurt. Another alternative is to prepare buttermilk and add some crushed peppermint in it.Peppermint is also an effective remedy which soothes the stomach lining and inflammation. You can also replace your full fledged meal with a mixture of plain steamed rice and yogurt. Mix in a little salt and consume it. The starchy nature of rice will also help with the loose motions.




As mentioned earlier, mint is a wonderfully effective remedy for an upset stomach. It not only soothes but helps in healing the damage to stomach and intestinal tissue as well. In fact this is also a leading ingredient in many over the counter medicines for upset stomach. Crush some leaves and mix them in cool water with lemon juice. Consume this lemon-mint juice 3-4 times in day for making up for the lost fluid in the body.



Fluids And Juices

Loss of fluid is rampant when suffering from loose motions. Therefore, it is extremely important that your intake of fluids is at least 3 times higher than regular doses. Plain water is good enough however there is loss of electrolyte balance in diarrhea, therefore addition of salt and sugar to usual water is recommended. It is a good idea to consume juices as they have natural sugar and little salt can be added to them. Water melon, musk melon, oranges, lemon and papaya juices are good for loose motions.

Source : https://www.ayurvediccure.com