Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Depression


DEPRESSION Depression is a common emotional disorder CAUSES Anxiety Tension Mental stress Drug addiction Deficiency of vitamin B complex SYMPTOMS Overwhelming sadness Feeling of dejection Deep sense of loss Physical loss of energy Disinterest in everything Mental unrest Disturbed sleep Loss of appetite Health deteriorates leading to Giddiness Irritability Impotence or frigidity Lack of concentration SIMPLE TECHNIQUES Natural home remedy using cardamom seeds Crush 3-4 cardamom seeds to powder Take…


Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Migraine


MIGRAINE Unlike normal headaches, a migraine makes a person immobile When a person gets a migraine attack, the only thing he’ll want to do is lie down in a quiet place CAUSES Intake of alcohol Drugs Smoking Allergic reactions Drop in blood sugar level Nutritional deficiencies Lack of sleep Excessive work Menopause SYMPTOMS Localized pain on one side of the head Pulsating sensation behind the eye The pain may shift…


Natural Remedies for Constipation in Infants

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1. Stomach Massage Gently massage the stomach of your baby, in a clockwise direction with the help of your fingertips. Massage around the naval as well, in an outward, spherical motion. It will eradicate the tension out of your baby’s tummy and give him/her relief from the symptoms of constipation. 2. Exercise Keep your infant on his/her back. Hold his/her legs in a ½ bent position. Gently move baby’s legs…


Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Vomiting


Drink Plenty Of Water Severe bouts of vomiting can be dangerous for the body. Loss of water from the body can lead to intense dehydration and resultant symptoms. In order to prevent the body from getting dehydrated, drink plenty of water so that your fluid balance will remain intact. Take Some Ginger Ginger is known to cure a number of stomach irritations and pain. It is also anti spasmodic in…


Best Natural Remedies for Colds, Sore Throat and Fever


Most of the ingredients used in the natural remedies are easily available in the pantry or the kitchen and can be used effectively to treat colds and fever, and the best thing is unlike mainstream prescription medicines these remedies don’t have any harmful side effects. Garlic: When it comes to fighting cold and fevers the natural way, there is probably no better medicine than garlic. Well known for its anti-bacterial,…


Natural & Best Ayurvedic treatment for Mouth Ulcers


Mouth ulcers are also called as Canker Sores and they usually appear on the tongue, lips, inside the cheeks, inside the bottom lip or on the gums.Before ulcers occur, you feel burning and tingling sensation in the mouth.These are not contagious but can recur and last for a week to 10 days. Reasons for formation of Mouth Ulcers Mouth Ulcers can occur due to indigestion, stress, deficiency of vitamin B12,…


Top 12 Best Natural Home Remedies for Cold and Fever


After long months of scorching heat, finally monsoon is here and it is time to enjoy and splash some water. Although most of us are concerned about how to maintain our hair and skin during monsoon, rains work as the breeding ground for various kinds of viruses and bacteria that increases the occurrences of influenza, flu, colds and fever and taking over the counter pills and antibiotics is not always…


Natural Treatment of Breast Cancer


Statistics relating to breast cancer patients The worldwide estimates of breast cancer patients were around 1.5 million people in the year-2010. The countries topping the list related with breast cancer are the United States and the United Kingdom thereby making these countries high on the priority of breast cancer awareness. Statistics reveal that in the United States there are about 527 new cases of breast cancer every day out of…


Home Remedies for Dark Circles


Natural home remedy using cucumber and potato: 1. Peel and slice ½ cucumber 2. Peel and chop 1 potato 3. Crush them together to make paste 4. Press this paste on a sieve 5. Extract the juice 6. Chill the juice 7. Dip cotton pads in the juice 8. Place them on your eyelids making sure they cover the entire dark spots 9. Leave for 15-20 min 10. Wash gently…


Natural home remedies: Back pain


Back pain often strikes when something’s amiss with the delicate column of bones, muscles, ligaments and joints that holds you up. But many other conditions, like strains, arthritis, hairline spine fractures and even kidney infections, can cause your back to throb. What you can do Ice first, heat later. As a pain reliever, ice works great. It temporarily blocks pain signals and helps reduce swelling. Several times a day, lay…