Home remedies for Chicken pox

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It is the viral infection that appears in form of small red spots or blister on the entire body. It causes itchy rash. It is highly spreadable in a way that those who haven’t had this disease before or don’t get vaccinated, cane easily be affected. Irrespective to regular vaccines, everyone infected once in its life. But as you get older this disease become more complicated and painful. Anyhow chickenpox…


7 Healthy Chicken Soup Recipes


Can chicken soup really fight a cold? Maybe! Research suggests that serving yourself a steaming bowl of soup may actually help. In fact, any soup (as well as hot drinks) can loosen congestion and help keep you hydrated when you’re feeling under the weather. While they’re no ironclad cure, these seven flavor-packed chicken soup recipes can still help you get back on your feet fast.   source:health