Ayurvedic Medicines for Liver Cancer


Liver Cancer or Cirrhosis of liver is caused most commonly by alcohol abuse. It leads to degeneration of liver (hepatic) cells and its function is seriously damaged. Severe liver cirrhosis can lead to many complications such as ammonia toxicity, gastrointestinal haemorrhage, hepatic coma and even kidney failure. The effect of alcohol on damaging liver is confirmed. In metabolising alcohol, many liver cells get damaged and damaged beyond repair. The regenerative…


6 Quick Home Remedies For Oral Cancer


          6 Quick Home Remedies For Oral Cancer Cancer is ranked first and has over taken diabetes, while it is estimated that many people die out of mouth cancer. Oral cancer is same as that of mouth cancer which occurs at any part of the mouth either be tongue, lips, gums, floor of the mouth or could be even salivary glands. Mouth cancer is most commonly…


Natural Treatment of Breast Cancer


Statistics relating to breast cancer patients The worldwide estimates of breast cancer patients were around 1.5 million people in the year-2010. The countries topping the list related with breast cancer are the United States and the United Kingdom thereby making these countries high on the priority of breast cancer awareness. Statistics reveal that in the United States there are about 527 new cases of breast cancer every day out of…