Ayurvedic cure for low blood pressure


Low B.P (Blood Pressure) occurs due to lack of appetite, weakness of dhatus, reduction of fat. Symptoms like depressions below eyes, drying of lips, hair fall, insomnia, inferiority complex will develop. Yoga Methods in Praanaayaam : 1. Sulabha Bhastrika 2. Bhastrika 3. Surya bedhana praanaayaam Recipe 1 : Ginger juice: 1 spoon Lemon juice : 1 spoon Mix both and take one hour before food in the morning and night….


Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure


With each pumping of heart, pressure created by circulating blood is known as blood pressure. As the heart beats, pressure of blood is circulated in a decreasing order through arteries, arterioles, capillaries and veins. While the maximum pressure exerted is called the ‘systolic’ pressure; the minimum pressure is called the ‘diastolic’ pressure. With systolic pressure indicating the pressure of heart while pumping blood and diastolic that of the state of…