Snake Bite Treatment

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Treatment for Snake Bite In ayurvedic home remedies, there is some basic and quick snake bite treatment that we can implement as a first ad to secure the life. Snake bite sometimes very harmful and cause to death. It is depends upon the snake. Some snake has a strong poison and causes immediate death after bite. Snakes are present entire the world with thousands of different species and known as…


Scorpion Bite Treatment


Scorpion Bite Cure:- In Ayurvedic home remedies, we provide you primaryScorpion Bite Treatment as an emergency first aid. A scorpion poison is more dangerous and a strong Scorpion bite causes death also without proper treatment. Generaly Scorpion Bite causes a reddish and swelled skin with a huge pain on bite place.  The little children’s are more affected from Scorpion Bite as from elders. *A fast quick Scorpion Bite Treatment is: Take 4-5…