Ayurveda Treatment for Malaria


Malaria has been treated with traditional medicines for thousands of years. Artemisinin and quinine derivatives are the source of the two most effective groups of modern antimalarial drugs. The increasing drug resistance, the cost of treatment and difficulties in remote areas to access the conventional drugs has made ayurvedic herbal remedies an important and sustainable source of treatment. Several herbal remedies are effective in treatment of malaria. Ayurveda (Herbal Remedies)…


Tamba Copper Uses in Ayurveda


Tamba/Tamra Copper in Ayurveda Tamba natural substance has great significance in Ayurveda and it is used to cure many diseases. Tamba is also popular with name Tamra. In English, Tamba is known asCopper (Cu ) in English and this chemical element with atomic number 29 in periodic table with chemical properties (Atomic Weight- 63.54, Hardness- 2.5-3, m.p. 1089 °C and b.p. 2313 °C). Tamba is the Reddish Brown color bright…


Home Remedies for Dark Circles


Natural home remedy using cucumber and potato: 1. Peel and slice ½ cucumber 2. Peel and chop 1 potato 3. Crush them together to make paste 4. Press this paste on a sieve 5. Extract the juice 6. Chill the juice 7. Dip cotton pads in the juice 8. Place them on your eyelids making sure they cover the entire dark spots 9. Leave for 15-20 min 10. Wash gently…


Home Remedies for Corns, Iss Skin Problem ke Liye Upay


Kathor twacha samay ke sath corn ka roop le leti hai. Yeh moti twacha ke dhabbe ki tarah ubharata hai aur dabaw ke madhyam se badta hai. Yeh aksar tez dard ka karan ban sakta hai. Corns ka jald se jald ilaaj nahi kiye jane par isse chutkara pana thoda sa kathin ho sakta hai. Medical science ke according corns kewal chodi si shaly chikitsa dawara hataya ja sakta hai….