5 Home Remedies For Itchy Eyes


[toc]Who in the world has never suffered from itchy eyes? Itchy eyes a common health problem that almost all have experienced in their life. Although itchy eyes are not a serious problem but the irritation it gives is very much, even our day to day routine can be affected by itchy eyes. There are many reasons that can cause itchy eyes like pollution, allergies, some infection, seasonal and sometimes other…


5 home remedies for Grey Hair that NEVER work !


Do you blindly follow all those home remedies for grey hair that you come across? Well, DO NOT. Because not every home remedy yields desired results. Dr Amit Kerure, Dermatologist, Skin Clinic, Vashi lists five common home remedies for grey hair that fail to transform your grey hair to black hair. Kadi patta: Yes, an inexpensive and easily available kitchen ingredient, using kadi patta or curry leaves to get rid…