Surprisingly Weird but Practical Uses for Potatoes

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Potatoes are a staple ingredient for numerous dishes across the globe. In fact, potatoes are the fourth most consumed crop in the world, after rice, wheat and corn. This is because potatoes are easier to grow and cultivate. This starchy root vegetable is a good source of vitamins C and B6, manganese, phosphorus, niacin and pantothenic acid. You can eat them mashed, roasted, fried, baked, sautéed or as part of…


Workout Secrets to Lose Weight Fast


Weight loss is a challenge for most people, but this does not mean that you cannot lose weight. Losing the pounds basically depends on two things – your diet and how you structure your workouts. When done correctly, your workout plan will surely aid in losing the extra fat. Remember, one thing is certain: Whether you exercise in the morning, afternoon or at night, you are doing something wonderful for…


Amazing Health Benefits of Slippery Elm


Slippery elm, also known as red elm or Indian elm, is a tree known for its dark brown to reddish-brown bark.This bark contains mucilage, a substance that becomes a slick gel when mixed with water. This mucilage has many healing and medicinal properties.In addition to the mucilage, slippery elm contains antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, the inner bark also contains various nutrients, such as tannins, calcium, iron,…


Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

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Drinking water is essential to a healthy body and lifestyle. Many health and skin experts agree that drinking water is important to keep your body free of toxins, make you fit and give you soft and youthful skin.In fact, starting the day with a fresh glass of water is a routine that many health-conscious people follow daily without fail.Well, drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning is…


Beauty Benefits of Almonds for Skin, Hair and Nails


1. Keeps Skin Healthy Almonds are a great way to pamper your skin. They can improve skin complexion, reduce the severity of sun damage and make your skin healthy from within. The high vitamin E content in almonds helps fight off damaging free radicals and even oxidative damage, which can take a toll on your skin. Another study published in 2010 in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice sheds light on…


Easy Steps to Take Care of Your Lips This Winter

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Everyone likes to have bright, pink and smooth lips. But as the winter season sets in, the harsh weather takes a toll on your lips and makes them dry, chapped and dull. Cold weather and low humidity result in extremely dry air, which steals moisture away from your lips. Indoor heat further robs the air of moisture and makes the problem worse. Plus, as the skin on your lips is…


Home Remedies for Dry Socket

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Dry socket, also known as alveolar osteitis, is a painful dental problem. It can develop 4 to 5 days after a tooth is pulled and is especially common after having a wisdom tooth extracted. After a tooth extraction, a blood clot forms at the site to protect the bone and nerve endings. Dry socket occurs when this blood clot gets dislodged or dissolves before the wound has healed. However, bacterial infection,…


Home Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease that directly affects the bones and joints. Men and women are equal to have this arthritis ailment, but you can treat and prevent this disease with the help of home remedies. Do a range of motion exercised for at least 30 minutes daily. Strengthening exercises are needed to do 2-3 times a week. Aerobic and cardio exercises are also good to let you prevent…


Home Remedies for Hangnails

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Small bits of skin around cuticles become very irritating, and you just want to get rid of this problem. Several Home Remedies for Hangnails and ingredients would help you to control this nail problem. Vitamin E oil is the best treatment to be applied to the affected area of cuticles. Do this remedy several times a day, and you will notice relief from hangnails. Take the pulp of half one…


Home Remedies for Bladder Infection

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If you feel pain while urinating and you have strong doubts that you are suffering from bladder infection then here are some home remedies for bladder infection mentioned below: 1. Drink Enough Water Drinking water is best home remedy for bladder infection. Whether you tread Bladder infection at home or go to some doctor, the very first thing that you will be asked for is to drink as much water as…