Home Remedies for a Sprained Ankle


Here are home remedies for a sprained ankle. 1. Ice Applying ice to a sprained ankle can greatly help reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. Ice keeps the ligaments from becoming inflamed and stop any bleeding from a torn ligament. Ice should be applied over the affected area for the first 48 to 72 hours after the injury. Wrap about a cup of ice cubes in a towel. Apply the compress…


Home Remedies for Sprain


Application of cold compresses on the area with a bandage is highly beneficial to get relief from pain. This is one of the useful sprain remedy. Massaging the area with almond oil and garlic oil is very effective in reducing pain. This is one of the useful sprain treatment. Put 1 tablespoon of black coffee in a bandage and bandage the foot sprain. This is a goodhome remedy for sprain….


Sprain (Moach)


Heat the crushed  raw onions (pyaz) and put in a  fine cloth . Place this over the sprain torelieve pain and bring down the swelling. Take 6 to 8 raw clove of garlic   in 4 -5 teaspoon mustard oil and fire until  garlic about to charred. Applied this in warm condition  on the affected areas and massaged lightly. Make a footbath of lavender oil and water and soak your ankle,…