How To Use Tea Tree Oil To Promote Hair Growth


Thinning hair is every woman’s worst nightmare. That being said, growing your hair can be tough, and it doesn’t help when you are surrounded by people who have hair that grows at the speed of light. But what if I told you that it does not have to be so hard? There are ways in which you can restore your hair back to its former glory. I’m going to give…


6 Effective Siddha Medicines For Hair Growth


Did you know that Siddha Medicine is one of the most ancient systems of medicine known to mankind? The word ‘Siddha’ originates from the word ‘Siddhi’ which means perfection. Siddha Medicine aims at not only curing the ailment of the physical body, but also the soul, for attaining perfection. Siddha science strongly believes that, “what exists in the man is in the universe”. The contribution of Siddha literature, pharmaceutical preparations,…


Best Home Remedies For Oily & Greasy Hair


You wash your hair in the morning and style it to perfection, all ready to look good through the day. But a quick glance in the mirror after a few hours reveals a different story. Your hair seems to have become oily and greasy look you never even washed it in the first place! This means you have oily hair. Hair shafts are protected from breakage, and your scalp stays…


How To Use Yogurt For Hair Growth


While keeping your hair healthy is a task all by itself, focusing on growing your hair can be even harder. It takes a lot of care, energy, and effort on your part to keep your hair healthy and growing. But there are always ingredients that help speed up the process while adding to the health of your hair. Yogurt is a common natural hair care ingredient. It is rich in…


How Are Guava Leaves Beneficial For Your Hair?


Guava leaves have taken the internet by storm with claims of it being a miracle solution for hair loss. It is also gaining popularity as a hair thickening ingredient that promotes rapid hair growth. But how exactly are guava leaves beneficial for your hair? More often than not, hair fall is a direct result of unhealthy scalp conditions. Guava leaves have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties that have made…


Head Lice Home Remedies


People say that skin problems are a pain in the head. But I guess that head lice are literally a pain, not only the face, but the whole head. Head lice can begin and expand anywhere in the head and it spreads like a fire consuming trees in a forest fire. Head lice occur commonly in children ages 4 to 10 years old. At first look, it will be very…


Home Remedies for Dandruff

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It is the common scalp disease that results in severe irritation and itchiness. It is very embarrassing and difficult to treat. But if it is treated in time, it can easily be controlled. It is one of the main reasons of hair loss. Before taking the treatment it is necessary to identify the min or root cause of dandruff. Some of the common causes are as follow: Due to cold…


Top 10 Homemade Ayurvedic Hair Oils


Frequent salon visits sure give your hair a makeover. And you can be sure of dealing with bad hair days perfectly. But what about the core health of your hair? Does a good appearance always mean healthy hair? Salon treatments and hair products that are available in the market cannot guarantee nourishment for your tresses. Something that is absolutely essential. Ayurvedic hair oils, on the other hand, will leave your…




Henna Benefits Henna / Mehandi (Botanical Name– Lawsonia Inermis) is a useful Ayuvedic herb and used mainly to dye hair and skin. Like turmeric it is a strong healer nature and used as a Ayurvedic medicine in many skin diseases. Heena is also used for dyeing hair and provide you long strong hair or hair growth. It is used as a dye for hair and skin. Henna / Mehandi has a natural color that…


Home Remedies For Lice

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How To Get Rid Of Lice Mainly female and some mails with long hairs or children is victim of lice. Lice create many problems in hairs or head skin and people with lice has afrequent itching problem. Peoples are suffered a lot from lice in their daily life and other blush them when they itching head frequently. If you want to get rid of lice then you can use ayurvedic…