DIY – Amazing Steam Facial For Pimples And Oily Skin


Our skin goes through tough stages of irritation, especially during summer. The heat and pollution during the long summer days leave our skin greasy and tired, isn’t it? Would you like to pamper your skin in summers without spending long hours at the salon? Do not forget the hefty amounts we have to shell out! Today we decided to bring to you an amazing DIY to treat pimples and oily…


Effective Home Remedies For Glowing Skin That Really Work


Our skin is fragile, and exposing it to harmful chemicals is always a huge risk to take. Stressful lifestyles, hectic work schedules, inadequate sleep, lack of nutritional diet, pollution, harmful sun rays (UVA/UVB), excessive smoking, and drinking alcohol are the major factors which make your skin dull and dry. All of these are part and parcel of your life and you cannot run away from them. However, you can surely…


Home Remedies for Cracked/Chapped Lips

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In order to protect your lips from extensive and harsh weather effect, keep them moisturized all the time. For this numerous lip balms and non waxy or non sticky creams are available to protect the lips from cracks. In all these substances, petrolatum is common present. Some of the home remedies are very effective like use of castor oil; butter, sunflower oil etc are not only keeping the moisture maintained…


Home Remedies for Sore Tongue


There may be several reasons for the sore tongue, whatever they are; the sore tongue is a bigger discomfort and must treat as soon as possible. You can make use of different home treatments and remedies to get relief of this most sensitive part of the body. Aloe Vera is naturally packed of healing properties, and it can give relief from pain in the tongue. For this, you just need…


Home Remedies for Milia

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Milia is a change in the color of your skin near and under eyes. Your skin gets milk spots, white and yellow spots under and near your eyes. This problem is common yet can be controlled with some home treatments. The facial sauna is a particular type of facial therapy that can easily be done at home. Just take a thin towel and soak it in the warm water. Wring…


Home Remedies for Black Spots on Face

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Having black spots on facial skin is a very common problem and you can eliminate these spots to fair, cleaner and clear skin. Following home remedies can help you treat this skin problem. Take juice from fresh lemons and use to rub lemon juice on face with the help of cotton swab. Let it air dry and repeat this remedy for a few weeks. Mix butter milk with tomato juice…


Home Remedies for Double Chin

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Having double chin is a common yet embarrassing problem. However, you can treat this problem with the help of some home tips and tricks known as home remedies. Double Chin removal Remedies Toning of muscles is more important when you are thinking to get rid of double chin. Frequent chewing can be very helpful for you in this regard. Take sugar-free gum and keep it chewing almost all the day…


Home Remedies for Face Lift

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It is common myth that surgery is the one and only solution for face lift. You just need to turn towards home remedies for Face Lift and natural treatments and you can prevent and treat face lift. Face Lift Remedies Applying honey and mixture of several fruit can be very good treatment for face lift. Take raw organic honey and apply it on face then apply mixture of apple, strawberries, pear…


Home remedies for whiteheads on face

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Facial Steam an Easy home remedy for removing whiteheads Taking facial steam would be very effective treatment for whiteheads. Just take boiling water in a bowl and take steam of this water or you can make use of towel soaked in hot water. Place this towel over your face for several minutes then remove. Baking Soda Paste a best way to get rid of whiteheads Make a paste using baking soda and…


8 Hydrating Masks For Tired Dull Skin


For instance, stepping out without a sunscreen, smoking, not drinking enough water, skipping moisturisation, and the worse, stress. It is not what you apply, but what you eat that brings about a difference. So, before going for any refreshing mask for dull skin, make sure you replenish your system with ample amount of vitamins, minerals and the most important essential – Water. And for that added radiance, here are 8 hydrating face…