Head Lice Home Remedies


People say that skin problems are a pain in the head. But I guess that head lice are literally a pain, not only the face, but the whole head. Head lice can begin and expand anywhere in the head and it spreads like a fire consuming trees in a forest fire. Head lice occur commonly in children ages 4 to 10 years old. At first look, it will be very…


Home Remedies for Boils

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When boil is of smaller size, it can easily handle and treated at home. But in case of larger lumped boils, proper treatment should be taken. One of the best home remedy is to soak the boil in Luke warm water. This will help to draw the lump to the surface for natural drainage as well as relieve the pain. For this repeated soaking is to be adopted. When the…


Home Remedies for Cracked/Chapped Lips

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In order to protect your lips from extensive and harsh weather effect, keep them moisturized all the time. For this numerous lip balms and non waxy or non sticky creams are available to protect the lips from cracks. In all these substances, petrolatum is common present. Some of the home remedies are very effective like use of castor oil; butter, sunflower oil etc are not only keeping the moisture maintained…


Home Remedies for Black Eye

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Black eye is the intimation of the bruising of eye tissues or some bleeding under the skin of eyes. It may also reflect the intensive surgery of skull or head injury. It may also affect the eye ball that become red and swollen. Sometimes blunt accidents or fights may result in black eye for which immediately consult the doctor for detailed examination because sometimes internal bleeding or retina damage may…


Home Remedies for Back Pain

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Backache/Back pain It is the one of the most common complaint that affects the life of almost every person. People feel pain, stiffness and tension in the back and especially lower back of the body. It is normally due to bad posture adopted for sitting, laying, standing, and lifting or in bending. It varies from person to person depending upon the region involved fromneck area, cervical to the lower back…


Home remedies for Baldness


Baldness Baldness is the loss of hairs which is in form of partial or complete lack of hairs. In medical terms it is known as alopecia. It is the disease which affects the entire body but majorly it appears on the scalp area. Baldness Causes There are numerous reasons that become the cause of loss of hairs but it differs from male to females. It mainly comprised of: Aging factor…


Home remedies for Chicken pox

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It is the viral infection that appears in form of small red spots or blister on the entire body. It causes itchy rash. It is highly spreadable in a way that those who haven’t had this disease before or don’t get vaccinated, cane easily be affected. Irrespective to regular vaccines, everyone infected once in its life. But as you get older this disease become more complicated and painful. Anyhow chickenpox…


Home Remedies for Cold Sores

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In common language, it is known as “fever blisters” that appear around the mouth area usually near the lips. The skin around the blisters gets red, tender and swollen. It takes normally 2 week to completely heal up. It leaks the liquid when get opened. It is caused by the herpes simplex virus that enters in to the body through the break in the. It is contagious which spread through…


Home remedies for Common Cold

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Numerous over the counter medicines are available that help to minimize the effect of common cold. These include antibiotics, pain relievers, nasal sprays etc. In case of fever, throat infection and headache, most of the people take Tylenol or ibuprofen. But excess medications will create the problems and damages to stomach and liver. These medications are also available in form of syrups and drops for children. But it is much…


Home Remedies for Pink Eye

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For the treatment of Pink Eye, first of all it is necessary to identify the root cause of it. In case of bacterial infections numerous eye drops and ointments are available that help to give relief. Moreover, these ointments help to reduce the effect of blurred vision. In order to control the recurrence of infections, doctors recommend the complete course of antibiotics. In contrast to this viral infections take time…